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Chris and I volunteer at a local health care clinic.  The goal of the clinic is to provide fantastic, free health care to those who can not afford it.  We volunteer in many ways but one of the ways we give our time is to help with fundraising activities.  While the clinic depends on donations from individuals and organizations, we’ve also participated in all the “normal” fundraising activities.  We’ve cleaned out our basements to help host large garage sales.  We’ve put on our Sunday best for fancy meals with silent auctions.  While all of these efforts have been profitable and well accepted, I have often wondered about using online tools to help raise money.  Not to necessarily replace our current fundraising events, but to aid our efforts.

The goal of Fundraise.com  is to “help great causes raise more money.”   I was excited to read the stories that were shared with me of individuals and organizations who had raised money to support their causes.  On November 2nd, a gala was held to benefit the Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness.  Potential attendees were invited to purchase tickets through Fundraise.com.  I was so impressed by how attractive the invite was while being very informational.  I learned everything I needed to know about this event and I was enticed to go ust by looking at the invite.  You can check it out HERE.

There are so many impressive things about Fundraise.com.  Some of my favorites include:

*  They allow organizations to create an unlimited amount of fundraisers, activities, and events.

*  They are fully integrated with Facebook’s Open Graph and an organizations page  is automatically generated with Twitter, Facebook and Google social widgets.

* Fundraise.com works on every mobile device.  Not only can fundraisers be created from a mobile device, but donations can be made from them as well.

*  This online platform allows people from around the world to support meaningful causes in a safe and secure way (All activity is done over HTTPS and they are PCI compliant).

* After a  fundraising event, organizations can send  thank you messages and reach out to those who participated through their email system.

* The fees for these services are minimal (4.5% Transaction Fee and only a 3% Credit Card Processing fee for merchant accounts, no cost if you use your own.)


It’s free to register at Fundraise.com and the benefits from using this service are too many to count!  I am excited to share what I’ve learned about Fundraise.com with the clinic where I volunteer.   I really do believe that they help provide the answer for “fundraising and event solutions for nonprofits, organizations and people like you.”



A huge thanks to Fundraise.com for working with me.  While I was compensated for this post, my opinions are my own.  Fundraise.com is a fantastic resource for anyone raising money for a great cause.



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